When you’re growing marijuana indoors, you need to make a decision about whether you’re going
to use a hydroponics system or soil to grow your plants. However, if you’re a newbie to growing
cannabis yourself, using soil at first is the best idea so you can become accustomed to how the
growing process works before you spend the extra money required for a more complex setup. Here,
we look at the important considerations when choosing a soil for your plants so you can enjoy the
best possible harvest for your investment.
What Do You Need To Consider?
The three considerations to bear in mind when choosing a soil for your cannabis plants are:
 Water retention
 Drainage
 Texture
For your plants to thrive and grow properly, they need a mix of oxygen and water at their roots.
Excessive water means the roots won’t get sufficient oxygen, however a lack of water will damage
the roots by drying them out. This means you need a light textured soil which retains water well, but
not too well.
What To Look For
The key signs of a good quality cannabis growing soil are:
 Rich, dark appearance
 A loose texture
 Water won’t pool on the soil for too long and won’t take a long time to drain through the
 Holds in water without becoming too muddy
Some soil ingredients to look for include:
 Sandy loam
 Coco coir
 Composted forest humus
 Sphagnum peat moss

 Earthworm castings
 Fish meal
 Perlite
 Bat guano
 Blood or bone meal
 Crab meal
 Pumice
 Azomite
 Kelp
Signs Of Poor Quality Soil
If your soil is clumpy, waterlogged or muddy it is retaining excessive moisture and this makes over-
watering a likely problem. You should also avoid using any soil that has a lot of large woodchips in it,
as this means that the soil is not completely composted and the goodness and nutrients in the wood
will not be available to the cannabis plants. If the soil is also heavy and thick, it will not grow your
plants effectively. Whatever you do, you should never use soil from your garden as this virtually
never works in growing cannabis effectively.
What About Potting Soil?
If you need to purchase bagged soil and you’re not sure what to get, the words “organic potting mix”
or “organic potting soil” is what you should be looking for. Although this isn’t the best choice, it will
work. If you need to go for this option, make sure there are no time release chemicals in it as this
could kill off your crop by release the incorrect nutrients at the incorrect time.
Mixing Your Own Soil
If you want to be sure you’re getting a soil which is organic and ideal for growing your cannabis
plants, you can make up your own super soil by following these simple steps:
 Lay a 4” layer of a carbon material such as straw or dry leaves to cover a 3×3 square on the
 On top, add a 4” layer of a nitrogen material such as coffee grounds or manure.
 Add a ½” layer of either bone or blood meal on top.
 Repeat these three steps, adding layer after layer until you have a pile which measures 3
feet in height.

 Allow the pile to rest and decompose, turning it once weekly at a minimum, or every three
days at the most.
 You will know that your compost is ready once your soil is crumbly, soft, sweet-smelling and
dark black in color.
Watering Your Soil
It is quite tricky to water the soil for your marijuana plants since the amount required will vary
depending on the environment and soil type. A very warm environment will demand more
water and, naturally, a cooler environment will need less. Water moves the essential minerals
and nutrients to the plant’s roots in order to be transported around the plant, while also
cooling them down if they are too hot and keeping their structure in line. Water is also a key
ingredient in photosynthesis. You should, in general, water your plants until their soil looks
moist but does not feel wet when you touch it.
Follow these tips and you’ll find that your cannabis plants are growing in optimal soil
conditions to produce a high yield and a good quality crop.

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