How To Keep Fraternity Recruitment Cost Low

With college expenses growing each year it is important for our organizations to keep dues as low as possible. In today's article we are going to focus on how to keep cost low during fraternity recruitment.

Do You Really Need The Pizza?: How many people joined a fraternity specifically because of a rush t-shirt design or free pizza? My bet is none that are worth talking about. People may show up for free food, especially in the early weeks of college, but they stay and join because of the relationships they develop with current brothers. Next time your rush chairman asks for a large budget for menial events that really don't do much, challenge the status quo and eliminate useless spending from your budget. Instead of using a heavy rush budget try a no rush budget semester to either lower dues or increase the amount of brotherhood events your chapter holds.

If your chapter persists on spending money use one of the following two techniques to lower or eliminate your investment:

Do It On The School's Dime: Many schools offer assistance for our organizations programming that many of us never use. At Penn State it was the Student Government and Student Activity fee's that funded things from concerts to pizza for a social event. If your campus offers assistance you must ask "Why pay for events when it is possible for the school to pay for our events?" Utilizing funding from the school can allow your organization to bring in many benefits to campus that will help your chapter grow in the process. Each school is different, do your research on what the process is for your school and learn how to successfully write a proposal for your events. Think of this as your recruitment budget on steroids.

Co-Sponsor Everything: One of the easiest ways to lower costs is to simply share or outsource them. Every campus has up to hundreds of organizations/clubs on campus. Many of them are struggling for members and recognition which makes them eager to join up with a more recognized organization such as your own. This gives you two direct benefits. One being that any expenses incurred for these events can be distributed among the co-sponsors. Secondly, many members of these clubs and organizations are ideal candidates for your own fraternity that you can now more easily recruit. Additionally, make sure your organization is making use of a mobile fraternity app, like the one from Our House. A good fraternity or sorority mobile app provides notifications for news and announcements to members, personal messaging, a full calendar layout and much more. In this era of social media and mobile devices, a fraternity app is really a must for Greek chapter management.

Remember that fraternity recruitment is not about who can spend the most. Major corporations do not attract the best candidates by making well designed t-shirts or holding parties with free pizza, and neither should you. Eliminate wasteful spending from your recruitment budget, and do as many free activities as possible.

If their is a need for spending find ways to lower your investment by having the school pay for it, or spreading it across multiple organizations. An effective recruitment program is one that not only recruits, but makes money available for better use. Evaluate if you really need to spend one more dollar on recruitment and enjoy the benefits of a low cost recruitment effort.

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